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Awarded the MCCA Aytes Faculty Innovation Award

The award is presented annually in recognition of an innovative project for the classroom or professional development program by a faculty member or group of faculty members. Only one award is presented statewide. Here is a link about the award.   http://www.stlcc.edu/Newsroom/2014/11/News4.html



 STLCC Advertising Campaign

I was used by the St. Louis Community College system’s “Your Professor” campaign, which included print, online and billboard outlets.





Sample Instructional Video

For almost every class lecture I present, I also create a video for students to access through our course website.  Here is an example of a tutorial video on using Layer Masks in Photoshop.


Augmented Reality Project

This is an article about a project I worked on with a student to develop an augmented reality experience for the Student Art Show in our campus gallery.   http://www.stlcc.edu/Newsroom/2014/03/News.html

Here is an example page created by the TagTech Project: http://www.tagtech.co/exhibit.html#/view/724537c4-429d-421f-9047-33837bf92910

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A link to my sabbatical page https://timlinder.com/?page_id=302